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Good Start Psychology therapists are trained and supervised in a wide-range of therapies that have been sourced world wide. The menu of therapies include talking-based approaches, behavioural strategies, skill building, structured play, and brain training. Most children receive multiple therapies as a way of promoting maximum potential in development.

Good Start Psychology staff are trained in all therapies through the use of group training once per month and weekly supervision with every therapist with the clinical director, Dr Alex Ryan. Alex has a keen interest in providing high quality supervision that translates into strong case development. This means that your child will have a strong plan within therapy and this plan will be tested and assessed regularly by your therapist and Alex. A considerable amount of time is spent in setting up, evaluating and reviewing cases to ensure that you are getting good outcomes with therapy.

Each therapist is subject to a 360 degree evaluation to ensure that the quality you expect from our service is translated into practice, that is, you are getting the outcomes you expect from your therapist and our service. Our practice manager calls all new clients to see how they are going with therapy, and our therapists, admin staff, practice manager, and clinical director, are asked to rate each therapist to see how they performing at their job role. This is an opportunity for us to suggest changes to the therapists's practices. The end gain is for the therapist to be stronger at connecting with their clients and delivering the high standards we set as a clinic.

A valuable part of our service is our reception and admin departments, that is a small team of Bianca, Heather, Andrea and Marie. Our reception / admin staff have consistently received high ratings from clients in regards to a number of key performance indicators including being approachable, easy to work with, dealing with problems effectively and showing a caring attitude to all. These staff are a strong part of our team and continue to deliver a quality service in important areas of appointment bookings, billings, service agreements, general enquiries, consent forms and communication to therapists.

 Cognitive Therapy
Behaviour Therapy
 Social Skills Training
Play Therapy
 Emotional Regulation Training
Neurofeedback Therapy
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