Behaviour Therapy

A method to reward positive behaviours to improve a child's mental wellbeing and quality of life.

Behaviour therapy is based on the principles of a rewards-based approach, using simple to complex applications.


There are many methods we use under the banner of Behaviour Therapy including:

  1. Functional Behavioural Analysis, FBA: understanding why a behaviour occurred and what we can do diminish the chances of that behaviour happening again e.g. aggression.

  2. Applied Behavioural Analysis, ABA: drilling behaviours and rewarding when those behaviours are demonstrated by the participant.

  3. Environmental control: changing a person’s environment to increase the chances of him or her being comfortable, and reducing the chances of triggering negative behaviours.

  4. Relaxation training.


 Cognitive Therapy
 Social Skills Training
Play Therapy
 Emotional Regulation Training
Neurofeedback Therapy

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