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You can view articles we have published as well as those of note below.

Neurofeedback Training is a biological feedback method that uses the power of technology to tune your brain into better brain wave activity or frequencies. It uses the brain’s natural tendency to re-wire itself by giving
feedback that helps the brain to grow or change positively. For more information about this therapy click here.

In 2019 Good Start Psychology’s Alex Ryan and Nicole Files published a research article in the online journal, Asia Pacific Journal of Neurotherapy. You can read the published article on The Efficacy of Neurofeedback and Traditional Therapies with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Clinic Setting.

In July 2020 a research article regarding The Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Therapy as an Alternative Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children: A Systematic Review was published demonstrating the positive results of such therapy techniques. The abstract can be found here.

A further review of studies on amplitude neurofeedback with autism: critical overview, efficacy level and research direction was published demonstrating the positive outcomes and measures adding to the conversation. The review can be found here.

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